Friday, December 19, 2008

Aly and snow

Hawaii 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Alyssa is 10-months old!

Aly loves her baths.

Aly has some wild hair after the bath...there is some definite curl there!

That's better, we've gotta tame the mane!

Aly loves to crawl with these rings in her hands and any other object for that's so funny.

Alyssa is 10-months old today! Where does the time go..seriously?! Here are some things Alyssa can do at 10-months:
-she can walk holding on to chairs, couches and tables
-she can walk when I hold just one of her hands
-she can stand all on her own without holding on to anything
-she loves to hug and kiss her teddy bears
-she loves to go out and in doors
-she gets so excited when her dad comes home and crawls super fast to see him
-she loves to try and pick the freckles and moles off my arms
-she makes and laughs at silly faces
-she loves it when we chase her and she likes to chase us
-she has started to throw tantrums (not mom's favorite thing, I thought that started at 2)
-she likes to coo and sing

Alyssa and George the Lobster

On Saturday night we went to dinner at Jon's fish market in Dana Point with my grandparents. At the fish market they had a 14 pound lobster that they had caught...14 pounds!!!! Alyssa weighs 18 pounds. The picture that Doug took on his iphone really doesn't do the lobster (named George) justice.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Old Town, The "U" Game and Happy Birthday Doug!

This weekend we celebrated Doug's birthday by visiting Old Town San Diego and the University of Utah game v. San Diego State University at Qualcomm. Our good friends the Boyds (Brad, Lisa and Morley) got us tickets to the game. We had a blast and the U beat SDSU...a nice B-day gift for Doug. Brad and Lisa also brought these awesome cupcakes from a bakery called Vanilla located in Santa Monica...the cupcakes were so so good. Thanks guys for the tickets and cupcakes...what a great B-day are too good to us.

When we got back from the game Doug opened his gifts from Aly and I; he received Season 4 of "The Office" and a new Tumi briefcase.

The last pics are of our HOA's pre-holiday party at the Citrus City Grill. We had some yummy food and there were tons of crafts for kids and raffle prizes. Our development participated in a gingerbread house contest, we came in 2nd place and won a $50 gift card to some shops...very nice. There's also a pic of Alyssa with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.