Monday, June 28, 2010

New pics

So I know I've been a complete slacker when it's come to updating my blog with pics.  I just have not felt like blogging lately...sorry.  So here's a couple pics of Aly at Disneyland, the pool and Miss Aly on the potty.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Princess and the Potty

So Alyssa is starting pre-school in August and in order for her to be able to attend she must be potty trained.  Last Thursday we started the "potty training".  The first time I was able to get her to pee on the potty, she freaked out.  She jumped off the potty and peed all over the bathroom.  Lovely!  Accident after accident by day three, both she and I were tired of all the pee.  Alyssa was very sweet I kept explaining that we go pee-pee on the potty and asked her if she understood and she would reply, " I understand, I sorry Mama.".  Bless her heart.  So on Saturday, day three, Aly woke up dry in her pull-up and I thought "Here's my chance, we'll get her to pee on the potty and today will be better".  I put her on the potty three separate times before breakfast...nothing.  I sat her down to eat breakfast and two seconds later she peed all over the chair.  I asked her where we go potty and she replied "On the ground".  After that I decided that we're taking two weeks off and starting fresh, hopefully it will sink in where she's supposed to go potty.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bye Bye Binky

Bye bye binky!  So Doug and I have been trying to wean Alyssa from the binky...a tough task considering Alyssa LOVES her binky.  We've let her have her binky when she naps, goes to bed at night and for the occasional car ride (to keep mom sane). 
So Alyssa has chewed two of her binkies to the point where there are now holes in them and she doesn't like the "broken" binkies anymore.  I have one binky that is still okay, which I've hidden from Alyssa.  For the past 3 days we've put her to bed with her broken binky and she refuses to put it in her mouth.  She has gone to bed with very little or no fussing at all.  I've shown Alyssa her binkies and explained that now they are broken and we can't fix them.  She hasn't asked for her binky at all.  Can it be true...are we really binky free?!

Monday, February 01, 2010

DisneyLand and Grandma DeLancy's birthday

The first pic Aly is wearing my 3 1/2 inch heels strolling her baby along.  So cute!

In 3rd the picture I'm with my mom, Grandma and Aunt Becky and I look like a giant (this is my Grandma's birthday, we ate dinner at Cedar Creek, yum!).  My mom, aunt and grandma are all below the height of 5'2" I guess I'm kind of a giant compared to them...still that pic is funny.

The rest of the pics are from Disneyland.  I have a year pass and my mom after her sales/service conference went to Disneyland with her sales team.  We decided to meet her at Disneyland and go on a few rides.  We had lots of fun, but as you can see by the end of the night Alyssa was definitely done.  Alyssa has also decided that Snow White is just too scary for her.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Years 2010

For New Years, we were spontaneous and went up to the bay area to visit our friends Cameron and Monica.  We hadn't seen them for a long while and thought it was time to reunite.  We had tons of fun, stayed up way too late and had great food. 

We went into San Francisco on New Year's Eve to eat at Cameron's restaurant   The Toaster Oven good.  I'm so sad they don't have one here in So Cal.  Guess we'll have to make another trip up to San Francisco.  Anyways, I had the kitchen sink sandwich with hot peppers and it was so so good.  YUM!
We stayed up till ring in the New Year.  On New Year's Day we went to Fenton's for ice cream sundaes.  Doug and I recommend the black and tan yummy!

The following day Doug and I headed to Nation's Giant Hamburgers for lunch (we split a hamburger and Alyssa ate all of our fries).  Then we met our friends the San Agustins for dinner at Aqui...I miss this place a lot.  It was fun seeing John, Trista, Morgan and Lauren...we always have fun with you guys.  We finished off the night with a game of Settlers with Cam and Monica and headed home the next day.  We had so much fun...we hope to visit again soon.

The last pic of Alyssa is her scared face..sort of...our camera wasn't quick enough to capture her expression.  There was a pic on the wall that was a little scary and she would look at the pic and get this funny look on her face.