Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures from the past few weekends

So here are some random pictures from the last few weeks. We should have a lot more pictures in the next week because Doug's sister Debbie is getting home from her mission in Belgium. All of the Highams are coming into town to welcome her home. Lots of family and lots of fun.
Alyssa LOVES shoes. She loves to wear Doug's shoes, my shoes and she fell in love with my Aunt Becky's turquoise peep toe shoes (last pic).

Alyssa on the merry-go-round in Fashion Island. In the 2nd picture she seems a little unsure.

We visited our good friends the Boyds in Palos Verdes. It's absolutely beautiful there, so close to the ocean. Who knew that this little oasis was so close to the city?!

Alyssa was so tired and was just not having it with picture taking...she had a very long day running and playing with her friend Morley.

Brad, Lisa, Morley and Louise.

Alyssa in my Aunt Becky's turquoise peep toe shoes.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Tom's Farms

I just love Aly's sunglasses...our little celebrity!

So last weekend we went to Tom's Farms, it has a farmer's market, petting zoo, and some kids rides. Here are some pics of Aly with the pygmy goats. She is quite the tough little girl, if the goats got too pushy she would push them back. Go Aly!

Check out that duck's hairdo.
Yes, Aly..icky! The petting zoo seriously grosses me out, which is why Doug was in there with the animals and not me.

Doug put Aly on this tractor (notice the sign that says "Do not climb on tractor") Lovely!

Here are some random pics, Aly, Doug and I went to an Angel's game with the Bruschkes and Miners . We were in the firm box seats, always nice!

Here's Aly in Doug's shoes. Aly is obsessed with shoes. She loves her shoes and she likes to try and walk around in mine and Doug's shoes.