Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

At the lake....this rootbeer is spicy!

For Memorial Day weekend we had some family from Utah visit, Adam, Jimmy and Christi. On Saturday we went to Mission Viejo lake and Doug played some volleyball with Jimmy and Adam and their friend Brett. The rest of us lay out in the sun, it was so nice.

Then on Monday we went to T-street in San Clemente, which was not as busy as we thought it might be, considering it was Memorial day. It was gorgeous; not too hot and nice and sunny. Parking was awesome too...just like any other Saturday...guess people decided to stay home this Memorial day. We had a fun time with Doug's parents, and brothers and sisters, Adam, Liz, Michael, and Becky, and the Bruschke's. Alyssa LOVES the beach, so she had so much fun. She didn't even mind the cold California water...brrrr.

Hawaii May 2009

A long day at the beach and going out to dinner, did not make for a happy Alyssa! :(

At the end of April and beginning of May Doug, Alyssa and I took a trip to Hawaii to visit my parents. We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday while we were there, which was very cool.

We went to the Honolulu zoo, which was a pretty good. It actually had a lot more animals than I thought it would. Alyssa was not as interested in the animals as I thought she would be. Alyssa goes crazy whenever we see dogs or cats and I was expecting the same reaction. I was sorely disappointed. She did get somewhat excited to pet the stinky goats though!

We went to the beach everyday. Alyssa loves the water and the beach. She has a little pail and shovel which she loves to play with. My parents babysat Aly for two nights, which was super nice. One night we went to Duke's in Waikiki. We had an awesome salad bar, coconut shrimp, mahi mahi and hula pie (macadamia nut ice cream on an Oreo cookie crust with hot fudge and caramel sauce)...SO GOOD! We also had some awesome food at Chuck's steakhouse and Teddy's for burgers and shakes. Needless to say we probably came back 10 pounds heavier...stopping at the Cookie Corner every other day probably didn't help either.

While we were there, Doug got me a massage at a spa as an early Mother's day gift...it was so lovely. Thanks hon!

We miss Hawaii already..a week is not nearly enough time.