Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rip Curl

So Doug had an interesting experience this evening. Doug was wearing his Rip Curl t-shirt, which he's had forever. As you can see Rip Curl is colored in red, yellow, green and blue (and no purple whatsoever). Well as he was filling our car up with gas at a local gas station some punk teenagers were pulling out and called Doug a "@!*$ (and a derogatory name for a homosexual)". Yep! I thought it was kind of funny, I don't know if I would have necessarily thought, based on his shirt, that he would be batting for the other team; especially since Rip Curl is a surf shirt. Anyways a funny random experience for all of you... and a cautionary tale that if you have a shirt that may be a bit too colorful you may get some shout outs.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Doug's 1st Father's Day

Aly and I were sneaky and went to get her picture taken without Doug knowing so she could give him a picture for his office. Aly behaved beautifully and Doug loves his new picture of her.

We visited my grandparents on Father's Day as well.
Aly gave them a picture for their brag wall too.

This last picture didn't turn out, but we're at an Angel's game in Doug's firm box seats. Aly did not enjoy her 1st baseball game experience. Every time the crowd cheered or the fireworks went off she burst into tears. She was so traumatized by the event she didn't even eat her dinner, which never happens, this girl is all about food.

Aly and her swing

Here is Aly lounging in her swing.
I guess we're at the point where she needs to be buckled into everything.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

High School Tag

Amy tagged me a while back and I'm now just getting to it...having a child is just all too consuming. Since this is now sadly over 10 years ago I'll have to really try and remember what happened "back in the day".

1. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be?
Probably not to be so introverted and shy. I was super quiet until senior year of high school..I know hard to believe cause I'm always just rambling on and on about nothing.

2. Did you do any extra curricular activities in high school?
I was on the tennis team freshman, sophomore, and junior years and the track team. I was also in a lot of clubs (y'know, french club, CSF, etc).

3. Coolest thing you did as a teenager? I so was not the cool kid in high school or now, so I don't know. A good question for Doug, since he was the "cool kid".

4. What did you do with your free time?
I hung out out mostly with my close friends. We had SO much fun doing random silly things.

5. Did you have a boyfriend in high school?
Yep, Senior year, Matt Byrne. It was one of those on again off again relationships. Gotta love high school.

6. Songs that come to mind:
You were meant for me(Jewel) I love you always forever(Donna Lewis) Always be my baby (Mariah Carey) Waterfalls (TLC) Semi-charmed life (3rd eye blind)

8. What did you think you would be when you grew up?
An Attorney - I decided to put Doug through law school instead.

9. Picture of self.
Fortunately for you all of my high school pictures are in storage...locked away where they should be. I've always said that it's fortunate that Doug didn't meet me while I was in h.s. because I was such a dork and Doug would have been T.C. for me. :)

10. Craziest thing you did in High School.
My friends and I "borrowed" 27 construction cones and 3 construction barriers with the blinking lights (a minivan does really hold a lot of cones) and placed them on one of guy friend's driveway. Random, I know!
Senior year I did miss 68 days of school to go to the beach...ahh the beach...and still managed to graduate with over a 4.0 g.p.a. Very nice!

11. Other great memories were:
Driving out to Palm Desert for the weekend with my girl friends
High school trip to France
Stake dances (yes kind of lame, but my friends and I always had lots of fun being silly at them)
Driving around our guy friends homes

Okay so I now tag . . . Rachel Bruschke (Sorry Rach), Christi Higham, and Tami Valgardson.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

Aly is rolling over tummy to back, back to tummy. She's a little rolling machine. I've started working again and she will lay on her playmat and just roll from one toy to another toy. She really is good and we're getting her on a morning and afternoon nap schedule. She doesn't cry at all when I put her in her crib for her naps. What a good baby!
Also, my sister-in-law Rachel was kind enough to highlight my hair. She did an awesome job and it's nice that I can take Aly over there with me and not have to find a sitter. Thanks Rach you rock!