Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary...7 Years, Wow!

Happy Anniversary! So Doug planned our anniversary this year. He was super sneaky and arranged to have his mom and dad watch Alyssa so we could have an evening out. He wouldn't tell me where we were going or what was on the agenda...I just had to be ready to go. So we dropped Alyssa off and we headed en route via the 5 freeway. We arrived at Benihana's in Beverly Hills for dinner. I had the filet mignon and lobster and it was so good. Doug had steak and shrimp. Yum! After dinner we drove through Hollywood ..there were more surprises to come. Here we are at Benihana and here's our chef.

We ended up at the Pantages in L.A. to see Wicked. I was so excited! I've been wanting to see Wicked since it opened in L.A. a few years ago. It was really good! The actress who played Glinda was so funny.

I know this wasn't Doug's 1st choice of activities, but I totally appreciate his thoughtfulness and willingness to endure watching the musical with me. What an amazing hubby I have! Thanks hon for an amazing was so much fun spending the evening with you. Thanks for everything you do for our little family. Love you!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Breaking Dawn

It's finally here! So wonderful husband bought the last book of the Twilight Saga for me at midnight on Saturday morning. Yes..we were that couple. However, we bought it at the grocery store (no long lines for us). We walked in, bought the book and left...took a few minutes and best of all no waiting in a long line. I finished the book last night and it was SO GOOD! I loved it!

Tag- - - I'm it!

So my friend Amy tagged here are some fun facts about me.

Random Facts:
1. I studied abroad in London for a semester..loved it!
2. I'm a convert to the LDS church. I was actually baptized in the ward that Doug's Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob were members of..kind of crazy.
3. On Oahu you can go in a shark cage and they do the whole chum line dealio. So Doug and I did it. It was pretty cool, a little surreal and scary when huge 15 feet tiger sharks are nose to nose with you.

Current Obsessions:
1. The Twilight Saga and anything Stephenie Meyer writes...I am obsessed..seriously.
2. Avocado Salsa at El Pollo Loco..don't know why but it tastes so good on a BRC burrito.
3. My shows...yes I'm an addict..right now it's Shear Genius, Project Runway, and So You Think You Can Dance. I'm bummed that Chelsie got booted last week on So You Think You Can Dance.

1. To shower...seriously when you have a baby finding time and energy to shower is just poor hubby.
2. To stick to my work out routine...still working off the baby weight gain. Ahh the joys of post-pregnancy.
3. To start packing cause we're moving in a month.

1. Spiders and sharks...we've been finding huge spiders in our house (the brown lightning speed jumping kind). Ick...they scare me to death.
2. Moving..I'm not one who's big on change so moving always gives me anxiety..poor Doug gets to put up with me during my occasional emotional breakdowns.

1. My amazing husband and Aly. Both can make me smile.
2. Family and close friends are always there for you when you need them.
3. A good book and the beach...what else is there.