Monday, October 29, 2007

In the land of Surf and Sun

After a very busy week with southern California wildfires, ward Adult Conference, and trunk-or-treat Doug and I decided to get out of smokey California and head to Hawaii. Well we had this tripped planned a few months ago, but it seems like perfect timing after a long and busy couple of weeks.
We will have lots of pics to post once we return. Doug was Rocky Balboa for the ward Halloween Party and I was a surgeon. Doug won the Manliest Man award at the ward party for his costume...such a stud!
Hawaii has been perfect the whole couple of days we've been here so far. We're loving it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hello, hello! So fires are raging through southern California. San Diego and Valenia are facing the worst in regards to homes being burnt and families being evacuated from their homes. The fires in the OC (the Santiago Fire) came awfully close to a lot of our friends homes in Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills. As I look out my back window I can see the flames and dark grey smoke billowing off the foothills (fortunately traveling away from our house). I'll post a picture tonight. Doug and I are good and from where our house is positioned we should be safe from the fire. (The pic above is from the 241 toll road which Doug drives to work everyday...he says it's been surreal.)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The farmer and the cow...

Doug and I are on the activities committee in our ward, which means we basically plan! We have our first event this Saturday, an Adult Ward Conference, followed by a Halloween party trunk-or-treat next Friday night.

So Doug and I have to dress up for the Halloween party since we are a part of the committee. I am so bad at costumes, and most of the couples are having their costumes coordinate with their spouse. Our committee chair and her husband are going to be the Spartan cheerleaders from SNL...too cute. I told Doug that we needed to brain storm and I'm sure you can see where this is going right? So Doug suggests that we go as a farmer and a cow...I guess I'm supposed to be the cow in this freakish painfully wrong suggestion of his. I'm already feeling not so cute as my tummy seems to get bigger. I told Doug he was completely insane to think that I would willingly dress up as a cow...he couldn't fathom why I was so put-off by his suggestion when he thinks it would be hilarious. Yeah, hilarious for him!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fight for Kisses

My friend and co-worker sent this link to me of this digital short. It's pretty funny for those of you who have kids or are expecting.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Catching up with pics

So a lot has been going on and we haven't uploaded any pics until today. Liz, Sarah and Rachel posing with our bellies (mine looks like a nice beer belly at this point, so not attractive) Sarah is due at the end of November and Rachel is due October 19th (both are having boys).

Here is my sister-in law Debbie opening her mission call. She was called to serve in the Netherlands speaking Dutch..pretty awesome...ways to go Debs! She reports to the MTC after the 1st of the year.

Doug and I visited our friends Scott and Andrea who live in San Diego for a day at the beach. Scott and Andrea just returned from a fishing trip in Alaska and cooked some excellent salmon with mango salsa for yummy!

Here is my brother Dave, we celebrated his 26th birthday with his favorite dinner and some birthday cake.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's in a name?!

So I thought finding a name for our little girl would be so easy...wrong! Seems like Doug and I have very different ideas on names. I'll send him lists of possible names throughout the day and he will reply with "Veto" or "No chance in (blank)-Veto" or "You can't be serious-Veto" with an occasional "like" or "stay on the list". So we have a list of names that are just okay. I keep one or two names on our list because they are my favorites and Doug has not declared any favorites just yet to him they all seem so-so....who knew this would be so hard.

Ohh and here's his opinion on one particular name I sent his way:
"Death rockers (dark, pierced and tatted), a crooked-nosed scowling author, a nappy-headed princess and an enormous honestly don't think my daughter is better than that???!!!!" we'll see if we can agree on a name here..fortunately we have 17 weeks left to decide.