Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

A few ladies from our ward got together to see the midnight showing of New Moon. Some people (including some women from our group) had been camped out all day (thanks Michele and Jolene!). Teens were camped out with chairs and lap tops playing "Twilight". I showed up later after Doug got home and it was a bit chilly waiting in line. The line for Starbucks was just as long as the lines to see the craziness. They let us into the theater at 11PM and our show started at 12:05AM. It was nice to thaw out before the movie.
New Moon was so much better than Twilight (hard to believe, I know!). I totally give props to the dad who was sitting next to our group. He brought his two tween daughters to see the show...he was one of maybe 5 guys who were there with their wives, girlfriends, or daughters to see the midnight showing. Anyway it was lots of fun and hilarious to hear some of the tween girls' comments throughout the movie. We are already planning to go to Eclipse in June 2010. I should be recovered by then and thank goodness the weather will be warmer!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Doug!

Happy Birthday Doug! This weekend we drove out to AZ for my cousin's wedding. We arrived late Friday night at the Nielsen's home (Amy and Eric let us stay at their home this weekend..thanks so much guys!) and stayed up way too late talking. Saturday we went to the Tempe Market Place and grabbed so lunch at CPK and a few cookies from the Paradise Bakery- -so yummy! Saturday night was the wedding. Amy and Eric were so nice and watched Alyssa for us while we went to Chris and Tiffany's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. After the wedding we went back to Amy and Eric's to find Amy's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and cheesecakes from the Cheesecake factory to celebrate Doug's birthday! My new favorite is the white chocolate blueberry's SO good! Doug loves the vanilla bean. Thanks Eric and Amy...the cookies and cheesecakes were amazing! We finished up the night and early morning talking and watching "the Proposal". Sunday we traveled back to California and had dinner with Doug's family. Doug's birthday dinner was roast and mashed potatoes and homemade rolls from Rachel. For dessert we had mint ice cream good! I think Doug and I gained 5 pounds each from all the tasty treats we ate this weekend.

Monday, November 02, 2009

GI Joe, a pink fairy princess, and a flashback to the 80s

For Halloween Alyssa was a pink fairy princess. She absolutely loved her costume and would twirl and spin once we put it on her. Doug dressed up in some army fatigues and I dressed up as a girl from the 80s. Sadly 90% of my outfit was found in the women's clearance section at Target (I guess the 80s are back!). I did however still have my old hair crimper from the 6th grade and some fingerless gloves...classic!

On Friday night we went to our church's annual trunk-or-treat and then on Halloween we went to the OC and trick-or-treated with my grandparents (Aly's great grandma and grandpa DeLancy). We also stopped by Doug's parent's house and the Bruschkes to hang out. We had lots of fun and Alyssa loved going trick or treating. She would lift up her pumpkin and say "treat". It was very cute!